Festival & Youth Conference

The End of Year Festival celebrates the passion, courage, and creative journey of the youth as they reveal and share their achievements made during the arts-based programs.

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The festival and youth conference brings together Indigenous youth participants from across the country, as well as artists and educators to gather as a network of collaborators with shared experiences.

The festival is a chance for youth creative expression to be seen, heard, and recognized. Youth share with their peers, compare experiences and celebrate each others’ courage, talent and potential.

N’we Jinan Festival & Youth Conference – Winnipeg, Manitoba, April 18-21, 2019

In the third week of April, over three hundred youth from First Nations communities across Turtle Island will gather in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the N’we Jinan Festival & Youth conference. Festival attendees will enjoy art, music, and leadership workshops as the festival showcases the projects they’ve been creating over the past year.

The goal of the N’we Jinan Festival & Youth Conference is to nurture a peer network of creative Indigenous youth from across the map. Most importantly, the festival and conference is a place to learn and a place to celebrate the creative work of the incredible youth that have participated in our programming.