Arts Concentration

An interdisciplinary arts program that co-inspires alternative spaces for creative learning by providing Indigenous students with opportunities and capacity to discover, build, and share their personal and collective voices through the arts.

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First commissioned in 2015 by the Cree School Board, Mikw Chiyâm is creative learning through artist residencies in alternative spaces, informed by local knowledge and designed to engage and retain students.

Artists in the community
Indigenous communities invite artists from a roster of disciplines to teach transferable skills through the arts. During residencies, artists connect with Northern Cree youth and explore themes such as storytelling, expressing personal and collective voice, and navigating the art industry. Each participating school is paired with four experienced artists who work in collaboration with the Mikw Chiyâm teachers during six-week residencies. With inPath support, teachers and artists develop projects that meet the needs of youth while aligning with the Quebec Education Program, enabling students to receive credit towards graduation. Residencies culminate with students, artists, and teachers gathering to share artworks with the wider community during a festival to celebrate their commitment and accomplishments.

Community engagement
During the residency period, artists offer workshops for non-Mikw Chiyâm students and community members, providing space for broader artistic exploration and strengthening relationships between schools and communities.

Living pedagogy
Our “living” programs are dynamic and responsive to each school’s particular needs, shaped and reshaped according to feedback from students, teachers, artists, the wider community, and administration.

Program goals:


Screen Printing Poster Project

James Bay Eeyou School

Credits: Juwanna Duff

Wood Burning Project

Winiibekuu School

Credits: Jordan Gilpin

Filmmaking Project

Voyageur Memorial School

Credits: Kim Wapachee-McDougall

Screen Printing Poster Project

James Bay Eeyou School

Credits: Franklin Moar