How we work

We are a connection point and training hub for artists, educators, and professionals who are committed to building capacity to support the next generation of Indigenous youth.


How We Work

We innovate through living programs – Our programming is living and responsive, meaning our curricula, workshops and resources evolve in response to insights from people we work with, especially youth!

We foster opportunities for experiential learning – We inspire agency, creative literacy, confidence, and resilience through creative, experiential learning.

We meet students where they are – Much of what we do is about creating spaces and providing tools for students to engage on their own terms. This approach builds trust and confidence and empowers students to take creative risks as they make choices about how and what they want to express.

We commit to relationships – Once invited by communities, we are guided by their local knowledge, ensuring cultural safety and competency for the Indigenous youth and community members with whom we collaborate. We build long lasting relationships with youth that have evolved into employment opportunities, record deals, speaking engagements, and more!


Our Learning Principles

Learning is cyclical and integrated

Learning is experiential

Learning is interconnected

Stories ignite learning

Celebration is learning